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redesign was founded by Christina Schelhorn in the midst of the great financial and economic crisis of our times. It all got started cleaning out a drawer so full it wouldn't close anymore. The cross-stitch tablecloths that had been consigned there for years were converted into aprons, and soon the first orders were being received from friends, and their friends in turn.

With that kind of response and that kind of fun, the crisis didn't seem so grim anymore. The aprons grew into a considerable assortment, and a one-woman show evolved into a team of high-energy individuals contributing a host of fresh ideas.

Besides economy and sustainability, the concept is about a love of design and beautiful things. And it goes without saying that our production is done on a strictly ecological and fair-trade basis.

The exploitation of textile workers is still more severe than in hardly any other industry. What's more, cotton growing and textile processing are responsible for huge environmental problems. Thus the time to rethink the entire business is now. But it's not just about doing the right thing. Above all, clothing and accessories should be beautiful and fun -- and a little bit trendy doesn't hurt either!

Creating new things from waste textiles and leftover fabrics is not so much a creative challenge as it is a luxury only to be enjoyed in our industrialized nations. We do not claim to be "saving the world", we are just utilising resources in a cycle of "trash to treasure", with support from the growing LOHAS Community.

The redesign philosophy: new things born of the old.